Lagos sea kayak videos from trips around Ponte da Piedade

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See our videos and get an impression of the Ocean Kayak Cave Trip with snorkeling. These 3 hour kayak cave trips start and finish in Lagos and show the best caves and grottoes along the rock formations of Ponte da Piedade near Lagos.

TV documentary from Portuguese national TV channel RTP (16th May ´14)

RTP TV Documentary About Diving

Kayaking Tour Between the Cliffs

Discover the Best Caves and Grottoes Along the Cliffs of Ponte da Piedade

A visit to the cliffs of Ponte da Pieddade is a must-do if you love the sea and nature. The cliffs are surrounded by stunning views. You can choose to explore the grottoes and caves on foot or hire a tour guide for a guided tour. During your tour, you can explore some of the caves and grottoes on foot or in a kayak.

The cliffs of Ponte da Piedada are a great place to see birds. The cliffs are home to many different species of seabirds. You may spot egrets, cormorants, storm petrels, and shearwaters. The rocky area also plays host to a large population of the rare peregrine falcon. It is recommended to visit during late spring or early autumn to avoid crowds. It is a good idea to bring water and wear a sun hat. You'll need sturdy shoes for the rocky paths.

For those who enjoy a bit of adventure, you can also take a boat tour. The cliffs of Ponta da Piedade are dotted with dozens of grottoes and caves. These natural wonders are perfect for exploring a unique landscape in an unspoiled environment. The rocky cliffs of the massif are the most visited tourist attraction in Portugal. However, the grottoes can get crowded, so it's a good idea to visit them during low tide.

Getting to the grottoes and caves from the cliffs of Ponte da Pieddade is a must-do activity. The cliffs are a natural wonder that makes a wonderful day trip from Lagos. The grottoes and caves are also accessible by water, and a boat tour is the most popular way to visit them.

Enough caves and grottoes for the whole day

Those who would like to explore the grottoes and caves along the cliffs of Ponteado are best served by boat. It is recommended to take the time to enjoy the sights and sounds of the grottoes while on a boat tour. Alternatively, you can go on foot.

The caves and grottoes are a great way to spend your day in Lagos. You can easily get to them by sea from Portimao or Lagos. For a more memorable experience, make sure to hire a boat. You can also go to the caves and groves via sea. The only thing you need to worry about is getting there safely.

Another great way to experience the cliffs is to take a boat tour. This 1h15-minute tour will allow you to explore the grottoes on foot, which are only accessible by boat. It is a fantastic way to explore the most beautiful caves and grottoes in the Algarve.

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