Beach Location Kayak-Lagos

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The Kayak Cave Trip starts from a little beach next the fort Forta da Ponta da Bandeira.

Start Ocean Kayak Tour Praia de Batata Lagos

Kayak Tours in Lagos

Kayak tours in Lagos are an exciting way to experience the unique natural beauty of this coastal city. This activity can be enjoyed by those who are just starting out and by those who are already comfortable in the water. Most of the kayak tours in Lagos include a 45-minute stop on a secluded beach, which is often only accessible by boat. In addition, kayaking tours in Lagos are ideal for families with young children.

Kayaking tours in Lagos usually consist of two people per kayak. The activity is ideal for families and team building activities. The waters of the Lagos coastline are incredibly clear, making it perfect for swimming and snorkeling. You can also discover secret beaches that can only be reached by boat. The tours can also be taken in tandem with a guided tour of the area. For more information on the various kayaking tours in Lagos, visit the website below.

For those with some kayaking experience, you can rent one of the many kayaks at one of the many rental facilities on the island. A guide will be required for the kayak tour, and participants must be eight years of age or older. During a kayak tour in Lagos, you will see the dramatic rock formations and fragile arches along the coastline. This makes the waters perfect for swimming and snorkeling. Some tours even offer secret beaches that can only be reached by a boat.

How to rent kayaks in Lagos

For the more adventurous, you can rent a kayak. These activities are best for experienced paddlers and those with experience. If you are looking for an affordable tour with a professional guide, you may want to book a private tour instead. If you are a beginner, renting a kayak is the way to go. A guided tour in Lagos is usually two to three hours long. For the more adventurous, you can even rent a kayak to go to secret beaches.

Kayak excursions in Lagos are offered by a variety of companies, with different meeting points. You can hire a kayak from the marina, and the boats depart from there. Some of the rental companies have their own offices, so it is important to find the one that suits your needs. You can also rent a kayak on your own at the Batata beach, which is at the mouth of the Bensafrim River.

You can rent a kayak for the day or a week. You can also rent a kayak for one or two people. The price of the kayaking tour depends on the operator and the number of people in the group. If you have a small group, you can rent one for yourself. This is an excellent way to bond with friends and family. You can also do team building exercises, which is great for team-building and fostering good relationships.

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