Kayak Cave Trip in Lagos

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Discover the famous coastline of Ponte da Piedade with our Kayak Cave Trip in Lagos. Take photos whilst paddling along the beautiful cliffs and caves of Lagos and enjoy this wonder of nature by kayak.

The Kayak Cave Trip in Lagos in brief:

  • 3 hour trip along the golden coastline of Ponte da Piedade
  • enjoy half an hour on a hidden and deserted beach
  • visit the best caves and take photos from inside
  • stop on a small and deserted beach for snorkeling and relaxing
  • suitable for experienced paddlers, beginners and families (min 5 years old)
  • qualified and experienced kayak guide
  • our support boat is always following you
  • free use of our life jackets, a water proof bag of 20 litres and we provide snorkel equipment
  • fully licensed and full cover insurance is included and free of charge

Start of the Kayak Cave Trip From Lagos


Enjoy the golden Algarve coast line on this Kayak Cave Trip in Lagos

The Kayak Cave Trip in Lagos starts from “Praia da Batata”. This is name is given by fisherman when roughly 100 years ago a ship loaded with potatoes (in Portuguese “batatas”) sank and the beach (in Portuguese “praia”) was covered in potatoes.

On the way to the most southern point of Lagos you will see many cormorants and seagulls. Whilst enjoying the views you will paddle close to some beautiful sandy beaches such as Praia dos Estudantes, Praia do Pinhal, Praia Dona Ana and Praia do Camilo.

The destination of the trip is the lighthouse which is on top of the rock formations. This is the most southern point of Lagos. Here you´ll visit caves with names as “the living room”, “the kitchen”, “the cathedral”, “birth canal”, “the beautiful art room”, “the letter box” and “the love cave”.

On the way back we´ll stop for half an hour on the beach of Praia Grande where we´ll get out our snorkel equipment. Returning to Praia da Batata we´ll pass by at rock formations with creative names, such as “wedding cake” and “King Kong”.

Kayak Trip to the Cave

At all times the group is accompanied by our dedicated support boat. Some times in the late afternoons the wind might pick up at a certain point near the harbor entrance. Here we can help you with a tow, but it´s fine if you wish to conquer the wind your selves, he then will just stay near-by for your safety.

Paddling techniques and kayak skills are not needed on our kayak cave trip in Lagos in Portugal

Our Kayak Cave Trip in Lagos is suitable for beginners and will also satisfy experienced paddlers due to the outstanding beauty of this rare coastline and visit to the natural caves.

The trip will start on the beach with a short safety briefing about paddling technique, who sits in the front/rear, what to do when capsizing (happens only 1 in 100 participants!), the role of the motor boat which is following, and how to organize ourselves in the caves. We will check that your life-jacket fits and closes well, and if you have brought enough water and sun protection with you.

We also advice when and where to take photos and how to keep your photo camera dry and safe.

After you have pushed your kayak into the water we´ll advice you how to use your paddle most efficiently, how to make a sharp turn and how to go in a straight line. This still happens in the secluded area inside the peers and in front of Praia da Batata, before we hit the ocean. Don´t wait any longer and join!

You need to be able to swim and have some recent swimming experience.

Launching Kayaks Into the Water off the Beach

Snorkel from a secluded beach next to Praia Dona Ana

Praia Dona Ana is considered as one of the most beautiful beaches of Portugal. 200 metres further south we will find a similar secluded beach. The beach is a bit smaller, although it is called Praia Grande